Update from our Coastal West Country site 

Liana has been working with an advisory board member to consider how input from families using the POD service gathered through APOD interviews can be used to improve practice in real time. The team is continuing to feed information about POD back to Trust management. 

Update from London

Our London-based practitioner-researchers are continuing to interview leaders of different ‘pathways’ in psychological therapy. They are also gathering insights on how dialogic practice is viewed by those who have not been trained in Open Dialogue.

Ongoing collaborations

We are busy organising creative workshops and events to showcase our findings, in collaboration with musicians and artists across our fieldsites.

We are also in the process of expanding our research to two new project sites in London – exciting times for APOD!



Our APOD team is convening a panel at the UK Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) conference taking place at SOAS in April 2023. The conference is called ‘An Unwell World? Anthropology in a Speculative Mode’ and invites reflections on the ‘purpose and purchase of anthropology on a troubled and damaged planet’ (for more details, click here).

Our panel is titled ‘The human social in psychiatric practice’ and explores some of the tensions inherent in efforts to harness the therapeutic benefits of human sociality within mental healthcare systems. It invites ethnographic work on models of care that emphasise human connection over psychiatric expertise (e.g., lay counselling, peer support). The deadline for proposals is 3 January, 2023

Please email liana.e.chase@durham.ac.uk or dm21@soas.ac.uk if you are interested in proposing a paper! More instructions on how to format the proposal here: https://www.theasa.org/conferences/asa2023/cfp


Keep in touch 

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Reach out to us via Twitter or email (soasapod@gmail.com) if you’re interested in learning more about our project or about Open Dialogue in the UK! We’d love to hear from you.