Dance performed by Jenna Kathleen Hamilton at the APOD Conference in September 2023. Film produced by Tim Mercier – People’s Poet Films.

Submissions from artists with experience of Peer-supported Open Dialogue.

Elephant in the room by Farzana Miah
Art cures things medication never will by Farzana Miah
Killing black and white thinking with an injection of colour by Farzana Miah
Emptiness of the bearer by Farzana Miah
My heart is numb and my memories are caged by Farzana Miah
RED CROSS by Grigorios Tzouras
Contemplation by Grigorios Tzouras
Reflections on Presence by Liana Chase

Stamps and prints inspired by Open Dialogue, workshop led by Art & Soul (24/06/2023)