An exciting update for APOD

A new coastal west-country site has been added to APOD’s fieldsites

Devon Partnership NHS Trust became a partner in the APOD study in 2021, and in November, Liana began working as a POD practitioner and anthropological researcher in a Devon site. In addition to documenting the everyday experience of POD practice in this setting, she is conducting interviews with a range of stakeholders, including clinicians, managers, activists, people using the POD service, and members of their social networks. Liana has also been working to get a wider sense of the institutional landscape of POD, meeting with people involved in Together, the community mental health transformation, and support groups for carers and people with lived experience.

We are also delighted to have recruited a local POD-trained support worker to join our team. For the next twelve months, Ms. Bethan Cramer will work as a research assistant with the APOD study two days a week for a 12-month period.